Design: Beach Walk

Happy Monday! I’ve been working with a beautiful new print for my collection at I was thinking of calling the print Supernova, but I would love to have your help naming it. Leave me a message below with any suggestions. Its like a red and royal blue sunburst. I love it!

Working with the fabric on some new designs.

Went for a beach walk in one of the new samples over the weekend. Its chilly today for Florida but I love it. This was taken in Vero Beach. Do you like the skirt?

Coming out for a walk on the beach always inspires me. I have so many ideas for new designs now. Looking forward to Monday.

The skirt was so comfortable to wear. Not your average beach outfit, but how could I miss getting a walk in before brunch? (If your interested in buying the new skirt before it hits our store, fill in the form below)

Got hit by the surf. The water is so cool today but I wish the weather was like this all year long.

Surfs up. There were so many boogie boarders on the beach. I used to do this when I was really young. LoL

This is Caleigh. She was my photographer today. I think she did a great job, don’t you?

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Xoxo, Jax
P.S. Posting pictures from Sunday Brunch with family and friends tomorrow so come visit me again.

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