Hurricane Sandy


photo: ocean grove pier NJ
As I’m writing this blog, I’m watching the already devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. People who were anxious to leave their homes are floating along flooded streets already overcome by water in life rafts with what’s left of their belonging. Street that were no doubt dry not 24 hours ago. A record breaking 12 foot storm surge expected this evening in NY city between the full moon and hurricane Sandy. This storm is already devastating areas along the east coast and for many it’s already to late to get out. My prayers go out to those already effected and in the current path of this terrible storm. A state of emergency has already been declared by President Obama in Delaware currently under water from the surges. With winds effecting areas as wide as 900 miles and an enormous turn of more than 360 miles wide, hurricane Sandy has already become noted as “the Perfect Storm”. Flights have been canceled all I’ve the U.S, NY grand central station has been shut down including trains in Boston and D.C and the stock exchange closed until at least Wednesday. Airports have already been closed in N.Y.

The Bounty. N.C
The tourist ship, the Bounty with sixteen passengers aboard contacted the coast guard around 6:30pm est yesterday and were forced to abandoned their ship at 4a.m this morning off the coast of NC. In high seas and dangerous circumstances, three people washed over board and of all the passengers fourteen people have been rescued thus far. Two people are still missing at sea and the coast guard is still searching but it’s like finding a needle in a hay stack.. As of yet, there is no mention of who the two people are. I can only imagine how terrifying this storm is for the people riding out this storm.

Keep up to date with the most current photos of the areas already effected by Hurricane Sandy, 35 photo’s already posted and I’ll post more as I get them from my readers.

**If you are in the path or worried about someone effected by Hurricane Sandy, I am using my network to share information over the next 24 hours in all cities so you can get information, inquire about a particular area or get messages out from where you are. Please share!
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