How Was Your Day?

Have you been working hard? Work has been really hectic for me lately. As the year is almost over there is lots to be done. I took the weekend to consider what’s ahead- new designs for my fashion line must be completed and photo shoots scheduled. Plus, I’m getting ready to get back into the studio to record new songs for my next album. Excited!
With all that’s happening I’ve been wearing the jersey mini skirts alot because they are so comfortable and wrinkle free. It’s so important to be comfortable when your working and doing alot of running from place to place. I practically live in this one stretch mini and I really like this cross front top with it. If it’s cool I just throw on a jacket and I’m dressed for anywhere. The bag is by Betsey Johnson and I’m going to be putting it up for sale on ebay this week. This time of year is the perfect time to edit my sample room and since the holiday’s are coming up, I thought I would list the extra pieces for sale on ebay just in time for all those great holiday party’s. Condensing my sample room is always tough because there are so many great things but since I have so man new designs and I have to style them with shoes, bags and accessories, I’m going to need alot of space so it looks like your going to get a treat.

If things go smoothly this week, I’ll get them up on ebay in hope that they’ll find a new homes. Not only would I love to see my samples go to others who will enjoy them, it’s going to be fun seeing you put new looks together once they are in your hands.

If your interested in seeing the sale, look for me on ebay.
Xoxo, Jax

Top: Black Cross Front
Skirt: Black jersey mini skirt
Shoes: Old
Bag: Betsey Johnson

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