Jax Favorites: Elements of Design, Glowing Skin and Separation Anxiety


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Jax Favorites: Inspiration, Dreams and Remembering

Trade center memorial

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Blondi Beachwear


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Design: Beach Walk

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Photo Diary: Vero Beach Weekend

Hi Everyone!
I had a terrific time in Vero Beach this weekend shooting video for the “Got to get a way” vacation wear photo shoot. Wanted to share the pics before the video comes out.


I love road trips. We needed to shoot a vacation wear video for http://www.JackiesBoutique.com and I was delighted when an invite came in to explore Vero Beach for the shoot. Not much traffic on the way up. An easy drive with some great music. Downloaded my playlist from www.AvALiveRadio.com

If your ever in Vero Beach, you have to stop by this really fun place called “YNot” . They have the best breakfast in town and outside patio for lunch and this amazing dance floor featuring floor to ceiling music videos all night long.
Check out the Viddy:

Breakfast the morning of the photo shoot at the Vero Beach Hotel. Love this room, it over looks the ocean.

Picked out some new accessories from http://www.JackiesBoutique.com to feature along with the new vacation wear looks in the video shoot. I’ll be posting the videos once their done here so be sure to subscribe to my page and I’ll email the video once it’s done.

Isn’t the pool area terrific at the Vero Beach Hotel? I love the sundeck overlooking the ocean.

I’m not a huge sun worshiper, but I couldn’t help but take a dip in the pool and grab some relaxation time after the photo shoot.

I’m a big fan of Saki. My friend was doing a promo for this new brand and I wanted to try it. Amazing. The color is completely clear because it’s so highly filtered and it has the most amazingly clean taste and smell. Check it out at www.trytyku.com

Did you see the moon this weekend? It was beautiful.

Valentine was exhausted after the weekend. Slept all the way home. LoL… He loves car rides.

Thanks for looking. Xoxo, Jax