P.S I Love You


My sincerest thanks for all your sweet letters of support on this project. It means alot to me. I have always loved this song so when I was asked to do some recordings for a new web site launching next year, I was really glad that it fit in with the project. This new venture has me singing songs originating as far back as the 30’s onto today. I adore every song we chose and hope that you’ll enjoy my versions as well.   Bighugs, Jacqueline

Special thanks to www.IKMultimedia.com & www.Apple.com for their support of my projects.

Leave me a message below:

Davey Southwood : Director www.StyleRecordGroup.com
WOW am loving it xxxx ! Just heard your voice for the first time, and have decided that your the most perfect lady, every mans dream. Where have you been all these years, I hope your in the right hands for promoting you.

8daysofrock: youtube.com/8daysofrock :
Jacqueline fantastic! I love it! Truly Love It! 😀 Makes me want to relax to really nice glass of wine. 🙂 Great Job! Very Beautiful Song. I love the Piano and your voice combined! The Both are a well played match! Not to mention a very Beautiful Video indeed. The only thing i wish, that i could had been there to listen and watch you record this beautiful piece! Lovely Outstanding Job! 😀

Bobi Serafimovski:: Musician/ Composure:  facebook.com/bobi.serafimovski
How are you? Congratulation for your new song. I love it. Amazing!!! Nice voice and interpretation.

Randy Singer: Music Director at Van Dyke Cafe
I LOVE YOUR VOICE…….snow white pure……so chillingly perfect.

Diane Paoletti:
You are beautiful and talented!

Tiffany Torres: http://www.youtube.com/SweetVoice16
Love it Jackie 🙂 Miss you ♥

Kevin Krohn: Owner/Operator at Electronics Online Sales

Burce Rawji:
wwwow …… captiving ….. PS……I love you! LOL nice work!!!

Michael Kellett:
I’m totally taken aback here … this girl has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard…

Norman Hill:
Jacqueline you look sooooo beautiful, very nice, I love it. What a voice !! Wow !!! your voice is as beautiful as you are.

Brian Keith Rice: Musician
Jacqueline when I first saw your Youtube Video I was Blown Away. Very Professional! I Loved it. All I could think about was I wish I could had been there holding a glass of wine, watching you sing and to play that Piano like you did was totally awesome

Monday Salifu:
Beauty I love your swags

Stephen Minotti: Singer/Songwriter and Co-host A.V.A Live Radio : facebook.com/pages/Steve-Minotti
Bravo !!!

Francesco Radice: http://facebook.com/fradice2
You are a legend!!!thanks!

Paul Allen Christopher:
very well done!!!!!!

Bill Hartmann: Singer/Songwriter:  billhartmannmusic.com
very nice.

Jon Singer:
That was great!

Dan Castille:
very nice Jacqueline : )

Philip Meade:
Wow!! Love it!! More, More!!

Burce Rawji:
wwwow …… captiving ….. PS……I love you! LOL nice work!!!

Love your feedback, leave me a comment.

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