New Video Launched: Turn Me On
Turn Me On” was written by Nashville hall of fame songwriter, John D. Loudermilk. The song was first recorded by Mark Dinning in 1961 and then recorded by Nina Simone, who I’ve always loved for her sultry sound and unique delivery. I really like the rhythm of the music and lyrics. Just a great reminder that simple can be so effective. This recording is the 4rd song on the project I’m working on. Singing songs originating as far back as the 30’s onto today. I adore every song we chose and hope that you’ll enjoy my versions as well. Thanks for watching 🙂

My most sincerest thanks to and for their support of my projects. The recording and video was done using their fabulous technology and knowledge.

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Hector Gomez :: YES !!! Turn Me On…I just listened to it…WOW, I am telling you that voice…WOW !!!….OMG I am running out of air…let me breathe….sighing….sighing….ok, OH NO I am turning blue due to lack of air, because of this STUNNING VOICE!!! Ok, I will relax now…breathe in breathe out….breathe in breathe out…Ok, I am fine now 🙂

Kevin Krohn:: If a man ever woke up and saw your face….and heard you sing …only THEN one knew they were in Heaven….

Chad Deckard :: Great peice. Got anymore to share! love piano.

Ty Copeman :: I love the way you express yourself when you sing…You know how to sell a song Jacqueline Jax!

Tommy Neal : awesome

Kristina Radeke-Niba :: Gave me the chills, really well done! Best in your next session!

Stacey Michelle Sweet:: Beautiful!

Scott Anthony Hunter:: classy & tasteful performance… gr8 lyrics too. did you write it ?? i’ve nvr heard it. it’s a wonderful song and you do a gr8 job.

Michael Kellett:: I love it!!!

Scott R. Kaiser Are you selling these songs?

Adel Hajjem nice work !!so romantic and sincere !!!

Mohammad Khan Mk Sweet 🙂

Sheldon Shore Like I said before. You sure are Beautiful

Noven Sugiharto Awesome ! , good luck jacqueline …

Stephen Minotti ‎~Bella~This one is amazing and my favorite to date keep them coming!!!

Philip Meade OH God, stop turning me on like that!! No, I mean don’t stop, no, I mean, I love it!! You Rock!!

Brenda Martin · Do you have a cd? Mailing list? Touring?
Rob Rood AWESOME JOB JAX!!! Really Great and So far, this is My Favorite

Love your feedback, leave me a comment.

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