Poem: An Autumn State of Mind

Have you ever felt like your ready for a change? Your going down your path and then suddenly you stop and things become clearer than they ever have been. I was on a driving trip to Nashville Tenn, listening to Billy Joels Greatest hits album. There was a long stretch of winding road ahead that seamed to wrap itself around the base of a huge mountain covered in red, orange and yellow trees. It was so beautiful that i had to pull over to write. Have you ever been inspired like that?

Autumn State of Mind
By Jacqueline Jax

The trees have all changed color,
glowing bright with golden hues.
As a cooling gentle breeze
shakes the beads of morning dew.
A winding path if grey
stretches far beyond my sight,
Yet I follow it so openly
just like a path of light.
When Autumn falls before me
I feel ready for the change.
My windows widely open
ready to live again.
With every breath my body wakes.
With every scent my scenes stir.
All my thought are cleared of clutter.
All my pain is just a blur.
It is then that my heart opens,
It is then that I may find
All that I search for….
In my Autumn State of Mind.

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