Photo Diary: Forgiveness & Compassion

Jacqueline Jax

Sometimes you have to make a call between letting go of a friendship that you have had for a long time and choosing to forgive and forget. It’s funny that this is my horoscope today because I have 2 very conflicting issues at hand and although one I must let go of for my own preservation, the other friendship is definitely worth saving. Must be someone looking over my shoulder these days. xoxo, Jax

Leo Horoscope (7/23-8/22)

There is a strong current of compassion running through your life right now, and it will reawaken your more nurturing instincts. You’re much more apt to give other people the benefit of the doubt right now, so it’s a perfect day to start forgiving grudges and welcoming people back into your life. Issues that you used to see in strictly black and white terms are suddenly much more complicated than you realized. There are many shades of gray, and you are finally ready to see them all.

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