Photo Diary: Be True To Yourself

LeoLeo (7/23-8/22)

Following the latest trends might make you feel like you’ve got your finger on the pulse of what’s hot, but if all you care about is going along with the crowd, what is that going to achieve? You need to focus more on who you are, not on what everyone else is doing. Your unique attributes are your best attributes. Embrace them: When you are comfortable in your own skin, people take much more notice of you than when you’re wearing the latest designer’s creation.

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Some songs just get better with age. “One of a kind” was written by writer/producer Billy Sherrill for Tammy Wynette in the 60’s. She was such a beautiful lady and has always influenced my music. I was lucky to spend time with her and Billy before she died years ago in Nashville. They had amazing stories to tell and I loved every minute of it. This recording is the 6th song on the project I’m working on. Singing songs originating as far back as the 30’s onto today. I adore every song we chose and hope that you’ll enjoy my versions as well. Thanks for watching 🙂

My most sincerest thanks to and for their support of my projects. The recording and video was done using their fabulous technology and knowledge.

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