Birthday Wishes

My Horoscope today says that I should let go of something that is taking up to much room in my life to keep my positive energy flowing. Sounds like a great plan to me. You have to clear out sometimes to be open to new opportunities. You know what they say, “God always opens a window”. Love you guys for all my Birthday wishes this morning… You are all so amazing. Thank you… Thank you… Bighugs Xoxo, Jax

Leo (7/23-8/22)

Give something a final farewell push today — a project, a relationship, or even just an old piece of furniture. It is taking up way too much room in your life and in your heart. You’ve done all you can with it, and now it’s someone else’s duty to carry it on down the line. This release will lighten you load and make you feel quite carefree for a few days. Take advantage of this positive energy by planning a lavish night out with a few close friends.”

Leave Jax a Comment Below:

Mary West: Jacqueline….wanted to be the 1st to wish you a Happy Birthday…here’s a special toast !

Dimitar Gioschev: Happy birthdey Jacqueline!!!Have a wuderful day for you!!Big hug!!

Don Crown: A big Happy Birthday Jacqueline from Don Crown and my new budgie team 2012, London UK. This was taken just 4 you. Budgie hugs.

Philip Meade: Happy Birthday, Jackie Jax!!! Check your email also. Hope you are having a great day!!! Is it today or tomorrow, thought it was today, but facebook says tomorrow. Whatever, have a great day both days!!!!!

Laura Day-Rebollo: Happy birthday! Hope it’s a great day!

Peter Leonard: happy and healthy babes!

Jonathan Hack: Happy Birthday Jax!!!!

Tracy Timberlake: happy happy birthday!!!!!

Richard Guastell Happy birthday!!! Hope you have a Blast!!

Selena W RRoberts happy birthday to u young lady and best wishes

Tangela Stephens Happy Bday xoxox
Jose Luis Fontalvo Brochero felis dia q dois te bendiga muñeca preciosa
David Arrojo Happy birthday Jacqueline !! Have a wonderful day !! God bless you.
Joaquin Simenthal Happy Birthday Jacqueline, best wishes & may God Bless You!
Antonio Piedra Happy Birthday Jacqueline!! 🙂
Carlos Andres Contento May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love, Happy Birthday
Cindy Cyr Happy Birthday!
Gary De Jesu Happy Birthday from the KNOCKDOWN boyz!!!

Joy Yohs Happy Healthy B’day, Jacq!!
Steven J. Husak Happy Birthday JJ from SJ!
Mark Austin Happy B-Day Jacqueline
Nicole Mh Happy birthday!!

Tim Sanchez Happy Birthday Jacqueline~

Dani Sydorenko : Happy Birthday Jackie! You’re a wonderful inspiration to all of us and we love ya dearly! xoxo

Len Zietarski: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Joe Budd Maniscalco: Birthdays are special…

Yamanaka Yuzuru: Happy birthday to you !  Have a wonderful birthday celebration

Jim Chrulski: Happy Birthday from SOLID☆GOLD™, Florida’s Show Band =D

Geoff Horgan: FOR YOU!!! HAVE A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rock on Geoffi xxxx

Davey Southwood: All the best Jacqueline.

Todd T Campbell Happy birthday!!

Ismail Olasunkanmi Daromosu: Happy birthday, Jacqueline.Wishing a lovely day.

Rachel Boyd Happy birthday another year to look as beautiful as you one can only wish

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