Photo Diary: Words To Live By…

Today’s Horoscope:
Words to live by…

Leo (7/23-8/22)
That great feeling is the sensation of a new achievement making its way through your workspace. You may not even realize it yet, but you should soon find that things are just right for you. Someone you care about is headed for a better future, and news of the imminent departure will cause you to suddenly realize that you care about them more than you ever realized. This is a sad case of ‘too little too late’, and as much as you would like to wear your heart on your sleeve and share everything you feel with them, this is not wise now. Take this as a lesson for the future: When you are interested in someone, get to know them. Do not assume that they’ll always be around.

A birthday surprise. I Love this wonderful gift given to me by one of my fans. The Beatles have always been one of my favorite bands. Thank you so much.

Interviewing Singer Songwriter Shauna Sweeny with Steve Minotti for A.V.A Live Radio at the Cove in Deerfield beach.
(More pictures will be posted on

Visiting The Movie Studio in Fort Lauderdale. This studio is so fun. They have everything from green screens to the infinity wall.

Enjoyed touring The Movie Studio with Studio President Gordon Scott Venters. I am looking forward to doing some great things with them and A.V.A Live Radio.

Had so much fun with my friends at Thasos Greek Taverna for my Birthday. You have to check out this new restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.
(More pictures will be posted on

Thank you to everyone who made my Birthday week so much fun and to all of you who have left me such beautiful birthday wishes. Bighugs XoXo
Check out my Birthday wish page (click here)

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