LookBook: Miami Rain

Not to many day’s of Summer left as Labor Day nears so I hope your enjoying every weekend! If your planning an end of Summer trip, this dress is the perfect travel companion. The style is so easy to wear and since it’s a stretch matte jersey, the fabric is so comfortable and wrinkle free. These photo’s were taken at the Atlantic Hotel, Fort Lauderdale. This location is gorgeous with ocean front views and a beautiful veranda that wraps around the first floor. ( Browse Hotel)  I had a terrific time enjoying the rain out on the ocean front veranda before meeting up with friends for dinner. Was especially nice bumping into some friends that I haven’t seen in years having cocktails at the hotel. We took alot of photo’s and ended up hanging out for hours. What a great Friday night. I love the unexpected good times! Those are always the most memorable. Xoxo, Jax

Shop Dress: Miami Rain Sundress by Jackie’s Boutique- $108 (Click Here)


Visit Hotel and make a reservation

** If you would like to host a photo shoot for Jacqueline Jax at your Hotel or Restaurant inquire here (Click here)

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