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Today’s Show: Getting Motivated For Success
ASK Jax:: How do you manage to stay motivated to complete a project when your working full time? I would love to start an online business and eventually be my own boss but I’m finding it difficult to get it together. I listen to your show and follow your clothing line and Its amazing that you have time to do it all. How do you do it and can you offer me some suggestions that will help me? Janet -OH

Answer:: Dear Janet, Great question! Today I put together 7 steps to getting and staying motivated to achieve your dreams. I gave you some in depth information about a coarse of action that drivers my success forward and hopefully will encourage you to start making your move. Thank you for writing in. I wish you all the best. Xoxo, Jax

**This show is awesome for musicians and entrepreneurs who want to get on track and stay on track for a successful career or project.
Ask Jax a question today: jacquelinejax.com/contact/

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