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Hi Everyone,
I wanted to personally thank fashion blogger, Rod Hagwood for featuring me in his article being printed in the Sun Sentinal News this Sunday and on the SouthFlorida.com blog. My picture and fall fashion recommendations will be featured on his page. Check out the web site. Xoxo, Jax

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2012 Fall Trends

You can easily translating the fall trends into warm weather climates by focusing on 3 things:: fabrics, colors and pairings. There are some really fun things coming in for fall that even woman in warmer climates can get excited about.

Patterns and Brocade:
Rich brocaded patterns, gold and embellished fabrics are terrific to add that look of fall luxury to your warm weather fall wardrobe. You don’t have to choose heavy brocades, instead look for brocade inspired patterns on lighter fabrics like chiffons, jerseys and stretch cottons. We’re seeing a lot of gold paired with black, cream and bold jewel tones like royal blue and even some really warm hues like olive. Once again it’s all about the fabric choices, so keep the textures fluid and the weight light.

Black is back big time… And it even borders on gothic this year. Avoid looking to heavy for warmer weather places by playing with fabrics. Look for stretch jersey, breezy sheer knits and lycras for that head to toe black movement that won’t leave you miserably hot. Since curves are in, one of my favorites is the fitted jersey skirt in above knee length and even a shorter mini length paired (skirtcouture.com) with a interesting rushed or twisted top. (tops couture.com) It looks like a dress, it’s a slimming look that can go anywhere. For warmer weather I’m designing a lot of skirts in stretch matte jerseys. (JacquelineJax.com) They breathe in warmer climates, you can wash them and the fabrics are so comfortable to wear. They layer well if you want to pair tights with them for the office or evenings and the style makes for an easy base to add other key fall pieces into the look.
Other colors I would look for are royal blue, cream, golden or bronze hues and sage and olive greens.

Lace Skirts:
Lace is a huge trend for fall as well so picking up a couple of lace skirts (skirtcouture.com) is a great idea. Especially as the holidays will be right around the corner before you know it. The length can be long to midcalf and full or fitted finishing 3 -5 inches above the knee.

I love leather and I personally have no problem layering a leather jacket over a jersey dress in south Florida because the ac is always cranking in restaurants and offices. But if a jacket won’t work, you can always look for leather accented pieces like a pair of fitted riding pants /leggings with leather patched knees or thighs. I lived in those in the 90’s and they are back in full force this year. I’m wearing mine with boots and a light embellished tunic.

Head to toe prints aren’t an easy trend for every body type to wear but it depends on the pieces. If you select fitted close to the body garments like jersey dresses, pencil skirts and a matching top or jacket, then the print will most definitely hide figure flaws and look fluid. Beware of extra oversized prints because they tend to add weight especially in pants.

Oversized outerwear is another fabulous trend for fall. Comfy coats that fall away from the body in lighter fabrics or more open weaves will allow you to rock the look and still keep your cool. I love the light knit jerseys because they keep you warm in the AC and still comfortable outside.

Finally to fur or not to fur… Fur is always a big fall trend but it’s really hard to work fur and palm trees in together so look for small accents, like collars, cuffs or other fur trims and don’t forget to always go faux over furry friends if you do.

I hope you enjoyed my post on How to wear the 2012 Fall Fashion Trends in warm weather. Thanks for reading.
Xoxo, Jacqueline Jax – JacquelineJax.com

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