Ask Jax: My Take on Success

I hope your dreaming and working hard to make your dreams come true. Thank you for all of your amazing personal letters and questions. (Submitted via Ask Jax) Here are some of my answers about success and achieving your dreams. Xoxo, Jax  (Skirt and Top by

“It takes a long time to achieve your dreams. Nothing happens over night. Successful people understand the concept of dedication and perseverance. Slow and steady wins the race.”

“You have to be passionate about what your doing. The more obsessed you are with your work, the more likely you are to succeed because you will stick with it and always find time for it.”

I’m a Career student:
“I go to school every single day and that’s what I love about my work. I’m always learning and wanting to learn. I learn from people I speak to, articles I read, things that I see and most of all from the experience of pursuing my dreams.”

“If you learn anything from being around successful people, its that their emotions and passions are wrapped in what they are doing. That’s what inspires and drives them forward. People like Steve Jobs care passionately about getting it right. Its personal to them and their companies are their children. People who build great companies…live their work.”

“It’s important to know what you don’t know and not be afraid to ask questions. Always be sure to learn from the best. In todays internet world, most of our mentors have spoken freely online in articles and shared valuable information on their web sites so follow them and try to get in touch.”

“You will always make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them and be able to move forward. The more mistakes you make, the faster you will grow.”

“Trust your instincts and follow your gut feeling. My inner voice is loudest late at night and wakes me up every morning when my head is clear. Once things have had a chance to process. That’s where most of my best ideas come from. We all have that little voice inside of us that inspires us to move forward. Are you listening to it?”

Jacqueline Jax
CEO/Radio Host
Fashion Designer

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