My Instafabulous Week

Its always fun to look back at highlights from the month so I’ve just added this really fun new category to my blog called “INSTAFABULOUS” so I can share some of my favorite moments with you. There are so many terrific projects yet to come in my life and I’m really excited to be able to share them with you here on my web site. Did I mention that I’m recording tracks for a second album? There just may be a preview of track #1 in my next fashion video. hint.. hint.. So please don’t forget to subscribe if this is your first time visiting me. It’s going to be a really fun Summer. Xoxo, Jax

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Practicing my camera skills. My assistant grabbed this shot of me while I was doing a photo shoot the other day. Although I’m in front of the camera all the time for work, my secret obsession is taking the pictures. I love it. By the time I retire from modeling, I should just be good enough to switch careers. LoL…

20130611-225551.jpg It really doesn’t get any better than this. Since I get up really early, I take advantage of my extra morning time with my little friend Valentine. His mini internal clock wakes me up 5 minutes before my alarm every morning, then it’s off for coffee and email. Relaxing with Valentine before we go on air for New Music Monday @avaliveradio

20130611-230309.jpg I was excited to find out via Twitter that I was featured on the Musicians Daily web site on monday for the A.V.A Live Radio show featuring singer songwriter Johnny Juarez. We had a great chat and played music on the show. He told me about his favorite treat. Korean BBQ, have you ever tried it? It sounds so good.

20130611-231120.jpg Having fun in the studio with @TracyTimberlake. Tracy is a great friend and wonderful singer that I’ve been working with. We’re recording her song demos to develop her first album. I’lll be posting what we recorded here once they are ready so stay tune.

20130611-231620.jpg Working on research for Hot Topic Tuesday for tomorrows show with my assistant Cassie. I’m so lucky to have her help this summer, she keeps my schedule clear and organized.

20130611-231927.jpg My latest video was released this week for .. The video was shot in Victoria Park at a very good friends home in Fort Lauderdale. The area is amazing with tree lines streets and historical homes. I love driving around this neighborhood because the flowering trees are so beautiful. You see every color from yellow, to lavender, to the brightest pinks you’ve ever seen.
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