My Instafabulous Week


Everyone does Instagram for different reasons, some to share, some to play, and some to connect. I use Instagram to remember.

I enjoy looking back on my feed of the week to remember moments that would otherwise have slipped away. Moments like finding a sea shell on my beach walk, watching Valentine make a new friend, designing a new piece for my collection or playing music in the studio. This is why I post. The bonus is that I get to share it with you. Come follow my feed and tag me when you find something you really want to share. (Instagram feed @JacquelineJax)

If your not on instagram here are other fun pages that I update daily Twitter @JacquelineJax and Tumblr @JacquelineJax

20130630-215701.jpgWe released some beautiful pieces from my new lace collection at Blondi Beachwear this week. The original post is on the Blondi Beach Blog.  Lace is one of my favorite fabrics to work with so I rarely launch a collection without lace in there somewhere. It’s just such an amazing material to wear because of its feminine character and texture. I always use stretch laces so every piece is not only beautiful, it’s extremely comfortable. I think all the pieces in the collection are timeless and things that I will keep in my wardrobe through the seasons. (View the collection) Use Coupon Code for 10% off your entire purchase #9566

20130630-023738.jpgEveryone’s been telling me to get more down time into my schedule and this week was really stressful for me so I gathered up my ipad and headed out early for some downtime with friends. Didn’t do much blogging but the martinis were great. LoL.

I love this shot I took with my phone. It’s funny how lighting can play such a big roll in mood. The light changed under the counter I was sitting at from gold to green to blue. It was really dramatic. (Taken at Mancini Las Olas)

harley_rideMy first motorcycle ride with friend Jack Mancini owner Mancini Restaurant Las Olas. It was an awesome night with friends and family. You have to come try the restaurant when your in fort lauderdale. Was a fun night.

My Mom is a terrific chef. She makes the most incredible meals on Sunday’s. I’m still learning from her in every way. This was her mango peach encrusted salmon with watermelon and green beans almondine . Yummm.

I was working with this fabric on some new designs for Blondi Beachwear. This pattern is so pretty, I can’t wait to show you the swimsuits once their finished.

white_halter_top_back_webThat’s all I have for this week. Time to get to bed so I can wake up early and make some new memories. Have a terrific week. I’ll see you on social media.. ;0) JAX

P.S. As most of you who use Google Reader already know, the application is shutting down this Monday (July 1). I’m sad to see it go, but for those who use the service to follow my site, here is a list of apps and services that are good alternatives.


Facebook (I provide a link to all of my posts on this page)

Twitter (Just like Facebook, all post updates are Tweeted out)

RSS Feed

Digg Reader (almost ready, accepting early user requests)








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