What Am I To You Video Just Went Live

Jacqueline Jax Blues Music Video

This video comes after a long break away from the recording studio. I’m excited to get back into the studio and work on some new music projects for me and those close to me. Sometimes in life, you let what really matters to you slip away. People, work, relationships, demands, even depression can cause you to stop doing what you love. I don’t want that to happen. In fact, I don’t like to see that happen to anyone. My Mother has always reminded me, “If you loose your dreams, You’ll die”. Honestly when faced with the thought that I may never record music again, it just made me so sad. That’s when you know… That’s when you push through and make it happen. xoxo, Jax

If you have any song suggestions for me, I’d love to hear them so leave them below for me or private message me.

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4 thoughts on “What Am I To You Video Just Went Live

  1. Hello Ms. J J –
    Just listened to your interview with Alan Vine and wanted to write to thank you for connecting @ LinkedIn. Working 3rd shift, I have some time to myself and I re-visited your page. I can relate to him, having been a sales ‘roadie’ on the motorcyle show circuit 20 years ago. Great being at Daytona & Sturgis to capture the energy of the events, but not from a spectator’s POV. Prepared me for at-home auto sales, and I’d like to do it again as an actor.

    Your grandmother’s words ” when you lose your dream, you die” also rang true for me. After a 2 month film sabbatical of acting and extra work in S. Florida in 2010, I was seriously saddened packing up my condo for the last time. I had moved to the Midwest a year before and married, hoping to find filmwork as I ventured into a new chapter of life. Being in too remote of an area, I had 2 roles in 4 years. The dutiful husband role got old. My personal dreams and goals had been sidelined long enough. I’m back to being single in S. Florida and pursuing my dreams. Moral of the story: when you lose yourself in someone else’s life, you suffer.

    You are quite an impressive woman, Jacqueline Jax. You look and sound 25 and apparentky you’re living your dream. Just as your grandmother wanted for you. 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment. It makes me happy to hear that you have your dreams back. We all have had times when we have out aside our own dreams to be with someone and focus on a relationship but after its all said and done, it just leaves you feeling uneasy. Like you’ve lost that element that makes you who you are. Don’t ever do that again. Find a person who doesn’t want to change you. There’s a right fit for everyone, until then live you happiest life.


  2. Hi Jacqueline it is Ron from Facebook, I just listened to your new song and OMG WOW it was amazing. You are one beautiful woman and you sing fantastic. Keep it up 😉 xoxox


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