My rank moved to #4 today. Thanks to you guys on facebook for helping me top the charts. If you want to help me get to #1, visit my page listen to a song or video and share your favorite with your friends on facebook and twitter.

Alan Vine Jacqueline Jax ava live radio

I had such a great time talking with Alan Vine on the AVA LIVE Radio show last night for New Music Monday. He shared an awesome song with me, insights into the music business from his days touring with Motley Crew and Poison. Plus we had a really cool set of other indie artists that followed him with amazing electric guitar. I think you’ll really enjoy listening. Play it today from your phone or computer. Listen in now: 

Also see more on this artist along with his latest video.. (Here)

Jacqueline Jax Biltmore Hotel

This hotel was so amazing. I am so glad I found it. Have you ever been to the Biltmore in Miami?
See all the photo’s from my trip here..

My new video just went live…. “What Am I to You”
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Birthday party

Having fun with my Mom for her birthday celebration.


Happy Birthday To Mom!


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