So Much Life To Enjoy


There are so many days that you get up, have coffee, workout, get ready and go..

But how many days do you take a second to enjoy your coffee while sitting outdoors, workout on the beach with the fresh ocean breeze, or get ready with your favorite playlist that you sing at the top of your voice? If your answer is never, then I want to encourage you to do all of this and more. Even if it means getting up just a little bit earlier or reprogramming yourself to focus on the little things in life that make it more joyful.
I have a very busy schedule but things have happened in my life over the years that have taught me to slow down and focus on living rather than just getting the daily tasks done. My motto is to enjoy the people in my life for who they are and enjoy the experiences not just the rewards; each day is a journey and each moment is a blessing.
I hope you will think about this concept today as you roll along.. Stop and look around you.. So many people, so much life..

Enjoy it while your here.

Xoxo, Jax


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Alicia Skirt from my own Jax Couture collection 
Ralph Lauren Tee: Dillard’s
Shoes: Pink fabric mules Steve Madden
Watch: Michelle Deco with pink sapphires


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