Jax Favorites: Being Bold, Rainy Day, and Blondi Style

jax_style_diaryStyle Diary: Be Bold Blondi
If woman are so fierce and strong, then why are we so afraid to be bold with our style??? Why can’t our inner spirit be reflected in our outerwear? For today’s #Outfitoftheday I want to inspire you to be BOLD with your personal style by experimenting with pops of color in your wardrobe. Find colors that move you and wear them with your basics essentials to liven up your mood and express your inner fierce-ness..

“Remember BLONDI isn’t a hair color, it’s about having a brighter state of mind and an outlook on life that overcomes all on obstacles.” Xoxo, Blondi

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Gold print casual blouse

Every girl loves to feel free. It’s no fun being locked in a cage and told what to do all the time. In fact, if you want to hold on to your woman, you have to learn how to make her feel sexy, appreciated, desired and trusted. When given her freedom, she will always come back to the one who loves her most. You just have to realize that every girl is wild at heart. But to capture her heart she must be allowed to roam free.

Bronze Print Blouse with Gold Accent : on Sale $46 (Shop Top)

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BlondiBeach_city_spot_lobstJacqueline Jax with Niko (Manager Owner Lobster Bar)

All week long we work hard to focus on our careers and building up our strengths, but when the weekend comes, it’s time to enjoy some down time with friends and family. This past weekend, I enjoyed a night on Las Olas trying out two really fun places. Come see where I went in this fun photo gallery.

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My_Style_diary_lace_obsessionMy obsession with lace continues. As if you haven’t already noticed, I love designing with stretch laces. There are two main reasons: it is so comfortable to wear and the textures are so flattering to a woman’s shape. The bronze and gold lace material is so pretty, you really have to see it in person to appreciate all of its charms. This dress shape is simple yet so versatile for so many different occasions. I love the soft sleeve and sheath cut. It’s one of my favorite styles to wear.

Miranda Lace Dress by BlondiBeachwear.com
Shoes Kenneth Cole Heels
Watch Michelle

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tumblr_ocean_manor_lifeMy beach breakfast got rained out but I managed to find a dry spot under the tiki hut on the beach for coffee, pancakes and email. These day’s I can work from anywhere, so thought my mornings could be about workouts and nice places for breakfast while checking email. I feel like my day is way more productive if I wake up early and get organized in the open air.

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tumblr_lemon_cakeMade a lemon cake for a friend. It was so good. Lemon cake, Cream cheese icing with a layer of fresh cream inside. Awesome!

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tumblr_casual_ootdA quick lunch then I’m on my way to a photo shoot. Filming a commercial today for Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera. Can’t wait!

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Have a terrific rest of your weekend everyone!

Xoxo, Jax

Jax_FavoritesCity Spot Jax Blondi Beach dining artJacqueline_jax_Video_liveMy_style_diary_jacqueline_jax

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4 thoughts on “Jax Favorites: Being Bold, Rainy Day, and Blondi Style

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