Jax Favorites: Gratitude, Life, Fashion Business and Boat Shows

I am so excited to show you our first online magazine cover for BLONDi Beach. As you know we have been working hard to bring you new fashion looks every week on the blog with helpful beauty and health articles instructing on how to get that BLONDi vibrance inside and out. The blog has been such a great success in just a few short months that we thought an official cover would be in order to celebrate it. November is a big cruise wear month for us so leading off our BLONDi Beach style issue is the New Crazy Peacock print swimsuit. Please don’t forget to “like” and “share” our new cover with your friends on twitter and facebook. And I would love to here your feedback below. 

BLONDi Style Diary: Coffee and Polka Dots
This time of year is really busy for me. I’m always pushing until last minute to get my swimsuit and coverup designs finished for cruise season and ready to photo. In fact, the continuous pace keeps me up at night, so with all the hectic energy I am craving my quiet space more and more during the day and requiring that extra cup of coffee as well….. Read more

BLONDi Style Diary: The Business of Fashion
Saying no to opportunities that may not be right for you at that time…. Read more

BLONDi Beach City Spot: International Boat Show
This weeks adventure found me at the boat show in Ft Lauderdale, Florida enjoying the sunshine and beautiful luxury boats and cars on display. This show is what this town is well known for. People make plans all year for this event and it brings millions of dollars into the city. Check out the post and all the photos from the day. (Here)

Thanks to IK Multimedia for featuring me on your web site. Your products continue to inspire my work every day.

What do you have planned for your life today? Is it something that moves you into the future, a moment that defines you in the present or a day reflecting the past?

Photo from My Style Diary at www.BlondiBeach.com
{Tea at the Biltmore}
Jax_FavoritesCity Spot Jax Blondi Beach dining artJacqueline_jax_Video_liveMy_style_diary_jacqueline_jax

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