{INSTAFABULOUS} January Photo Diary

Jax_Debbie_4I’m still amazed that the first month of the year has already passed. Time is flying so quickly. While half of me is thinking I need to slow down and enjoy time with friends and family, the other half of me has one eye on my milestones. As those goals approach, I’m waking up every morning with lots of ideas for making those marks successfully. As for January? I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome. memories were made, goals were reached and I’m entering my next month feeling on track for the next month ahead.

January Cover Blondi Beach Jacqueline Jax_642kbJanuary 1st {BLONDi January} At the Cover Shoot- HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Jan 3 AvA Live radio After ShowJanuary 3 {A.V.A Live Radio After Show}
I sat on 4 live shows for Youtube in January that were really fun. I was able to use this forum to answer questions and talk a little bit about what I do behind the scenes as we prep for different radio shows and design fashion. I’m looking forward to doing some more for the series this year. (See the videos below)

Jax_kravit_center_palm_beachJanuary 12 {BLONDi Beach City Spot}: Porgy and Bess at the Palm Beach Kravis Center
I went to the Kravis Center in Palm Beach to see this wonderful musical. It was a really nice day I spent with my Mom and I’m so glad we took photo’s to remember it.

Facetune-27{JAX COUTURE} Get’s Ready for a New year of Fashion and Style
One of my goals was to give my styling blog JaxCouture.com an update with some well thought out articles on style and how to achieve the most popular looks. If your curious, here is a link for you to my January articles on fashion and style. (JaxCouture.com)

{BLONDi Beachwear Bikinis}

It’s that time of year and I’ve been working hard getting the new swimsuits photographed and released. If you haven’t seen the new designs, you can read about them on BlondiBeach.com or shop the styles at BlondiBeachwear.com

Love your feedback, leave me a comment.

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