{In The Studio} Jacqueline Jax Music Update #1

I’ve recently been able to get back into the studio to record some creative covers and do some writing for a future original album I’m planning on releasing. The song that’s coming out tonight is a beautiful classical pop song that I’ve been looking forward to recording. It fits my voice so well and I love the story. It’s about true love, obsession, passion and what you would do to keep that feeling in your life.

We play a game on facebook where my friends try to guess the next song from a small lyric hint. You can play here to if you want to try to win a free mp3 download and a personally autographed photo. Just look at the lyric hint and guess what song will be released next below. You may also want to join me on facebook for the future as well. Www.Facebook.com/jaxepedia

The video of my upcoming release launches tonight here from my youtube channel. Www.youtube.com/JacquelineJaxVideo I hope you’ll come back to listen.

Bighugs! Jax

Thanks for supporting my music.


Love your feedback, leave me a comment.

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