{Ask Jax} The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

Jacqueline Jax Music Picture of the dayTHE BEST BUSINESS ADVICE I’VE EVER RECEIVED IS…
Be persistent because nothing that is worth doing is ever easy.

I consider myself lucky because being in Internet radio, I get to speak with leaders in many different fields of business and creativity. Something that I have come to realize is that we should never be above learning. I learn something new every day whether it be from a person I speak with or a question I think of that I look up online.

Jacqueline Jax Music Artist
You should never be afraid of admitting that you don’t know something. I have always considered myself a career student. It is my opinion that the future belongs to those who challenge the present. My daily challenge is to expand my knowledge every moment that I live. What’s your challenge?

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