{ASK JAX} 20 Questions With Jacqueline Jax

jacqueline jax style diary

As part of being a public figure on social media, I am asked questions every day by people stopping by my blogs, faithful readers and subscribers to my social media pages.

To answer some of those fun questions, I’m releasing a 2 part 20 question post on 2 of my blogs. 10 questions will be answered here and I’ve also posted 10 answers on my style blog JaxCouture.com (here). I hope you enjoy the post and the new photo’s. If you have a question for me leave it below or tag me on social media #ASKJAX . Have a great weekend!

I love to collect china tea cups. They are so precious and I drink tea and coffee all day log.

Every woman should own at least one amazing over sized tote bag, a leather jacket, a pair of great fitting straight leg jeans altered just right and an ultra comfortable pair of nude shoes.

Every man should own a leather jacket, a diner jacket with perfectly tailored shoulders, jeans that don’t sag, and a white shirt with a mandarin collar.

My top beauty essential is the 14 day peel by Dr Gross.

Jazz Music Artists who Inspire me are Nina Simone, My Cousin Bill Evans, Etta James, Billie Holiday and Ray Charles.

My social media necessities are my ipad to post my blogs, an ipod to post quick behind the scenes video and driod phone for txt and pictures of all different things.

My fashion pet peeve is seeing an outfit that’s a hot mess from the rear view. Don’t forget to check yourself in a full length mirror ladies before you go outside.

Style advise for the fashionably timid is to choose colors that you feel comfortable in first then experiment trends with your accessories. Perhaps a yellow belt, a leopard print shoe or a statement necklace will ease you into being more trend friendly.

I’d love to have a chance to work with Donna Karen and Oscar De La Renta.

Right now, I’m obsessed with this turquoise necklace my friend Tami Heger sent me for my birthday. I can’t wait until she gets a web site for her beautiful designs.


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