New Song: Woman To Woman

Woman to Woman was a song written by Billy Sherrill for Tammy Wynette in 1974. I had the pleasure of meeting Billy about 10 years ago when I was in Nashville doing some recording. We were invited to go talk with Billy one afternoon on his house boat. He deeply inspired me with stories of his days writing for Tammy as well as his tales of love for his wife. We also talked about song writing and inspiration. It was lovely to meet the man who wrote so many beautifully touching songs for such an amazing legend in country music. And I will never forget that afternoon spent with ice tea and Billy Sherrill.  XoXO, JAX

Woman To Woman Lyrics:


If you think you got your man, in the palm of your hand
You better listen hmmmmm
And if you think you got it made and his love will never fade
You better listen

Oh she’s out there too
And she’s a whole lot better lookin’ than me and you
And she can do things to a man, you never dreamed a woman could do

If you think you’ll keep your man with a golden wedding band
You better listen hmmmmm
And if your sittin’ there at home thinkin’ how good you turn him on
(chuckle) You better listen

She’s sweet when she talks
And she bouces all over when she walks
And she’s forgot more about a man than your sweet mama ever told you

I’m talkin’ to you Woman to Woman
Heart to heart
I’m singin’ straight to you

Just woman to woman
Right from my heart
And you can take it or leave it
Ahhh but it’s true
Woman to woman
Me to you


Sherrill, Billy

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