ASk Jax: What are the steps between that decision to do the song and the final recording?

Jacqueline_Jax_Headshot I recently set up a Q & A page on my music page for you to submit questions. I have to say it’s really nice to be interactive online with you guys. Through all the social media pages and my music page, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you. Here’s the latest A to your Q…
Q: What is the process that you go through when you decide to do a particular song? What are the steps between that decision to do the song and the final recording?
A: Great question. These days I’m running through my favorite tunes that I’ve always wanted to record but there are some that just don’t make the cut based on lyric mostly. If I can’t relate to the lyric then I just won’t feel good about the result. My process is fairly simple.. I’m always listening to music so when I get into the studio in the evening I typically will just spin through some possibilities and ultimately flip the switch on recording the song that moves me the most. I’ll try the song completely through about twice and then go back and perhaps improve a section that I feel I could do better. But I have to say that my first take is always the most heart felt and typically the one I end up using. The best thing that I ever did for my work was to learn how to run the studio recording equipment, it took me years of tutors and countless engineers working on mastering a specific task that I wanted to learn. The equipment is so advanced that you can get lost easily but for me I just wanted to sound as real as I could. Just like when I sing live. Essentially the recordings I’m doing know are almost completely live in one take minus the backup singing. But seriously not having your own equipment is like a painter with a brush in hand and no paint. Once I’m finished recording all the songs I like and that have been requested, I’ll be starting on my own original material – a task that I’m sure will be a much different process. I’ll tell you all about it once I get that far. Thanks for writing in. Xoxox. JAX
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