{Jax Report} Magazine Features, Music Video and Behind The Music

Jacqueline Jax logo photoHello Everyone,

It’s been one crazy Holiday season for sure. So many things have been happening that it’s even difficult for me to keep up so I thought I would mark the events with a Jax Report so we could enjoy them together. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday.

Bighugs, Jax


Miami Social Magazine

I was featured on the cover of Miami Social Magazine this month. It’s very exciting.In collaboration with A.V.A Live Radio, creator Tim Savage will be helping me highlight the live music scene, artists, restaurants, clubs and local fashion culture of our area. This will be the publication to connect with in Miami and you won’t want to miss one single day of it. It’s an exciting time in Miami right now with lots of changes ahead and I want you all to take part in the adventure.

Join them on facebook today before my first article launches. And please help me share the great news with everyone you know in South Florida.


Miami Social Magazine jacqueline Jax

December 22,2014: on Miami Social Magazine . Catch my invite for the best ‪#‎Poshmark‬ ‪#‎fashion‬ parties on the Internet. I’ll be there every week sharing my favorite fashion pieces. www.poshmark.com/jaxcouture  (Article in Miami Social Magazine: http://miamisocialmagazine.com/your-poshmark-fashion-party-invite-jacqueline-jax/)

Latest: Looks like the article is going viral:: http://instagram.com/p/w-Q_yKRzKq/ /https://twitter.com/JacquelineJax/status/547582159293546496


Jacqueline Jax Ruby magazine AVA Live Radio Behind the music

December 23, 2014: This is one of my latest Behind the Music segments for A.V.A Live Radio. It is also currently being featured in Ruby Magazine. (see here: http://therubymagazine.com/behind-music-jacqueline-jax-real-rock-story-daniel-messemer/)

{Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax} A Real Rock Story by Daniel Messemer :: Get inspired with A.V.A LIVE RADIO
Life is all about making choices. Some of us handle it with ease and some of us complicate our situation with doubts. For a true artist, it’s about getting inspired and keeping that flame lite. Not just seeking the light at the end of the tunnel but savoring the journey as you steer towards it…. (read more)

This has also been featured on Rynse Magazine today. I am so excited to see this project being featured and received so well.  Daniel Messemer has written a wonderful Documentary and  Chris Lavoie & Mory Orta LaVoie and the C&I Studios team is doing a fabulous job bringing it to life. Thanks for all of your support. Happy Christmas Eve.


Jacqueline Jax Rock Video Music studio

New Music Video released: All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You
It has certainly been a little while since I released a video for one of my covers but I have had so many requests, I had to take a sunday and get one done. This song has been one of your favorites this month and helped me peak at #2 on the local charts from all your plays. (www.Reverbnation.com/JacquelineJax) I certainly hope you like it just as much on video. Always remember to keep reaching for your dreams and let nothing stand in your way, especially time. There is no time like the present to start making a plan and learning what you have to do to make it happen. I remember when I couldn’t use pro-tools and I certainly couldn’t cut video’s so it just goes to show you that if I can learn to do this, you have no limits. Love you & hope you have a great Christmas.


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