Happy Two Thousand Fifteen

Jacqueline_jax_Happy New Year

Jacqueline Jax logo photoHappy New Year!!!!

Wow! The last day of 2014 is over and a new year has just begun. 2014 was probably my biggest growth year both emotionally and professionally. I learned the true value relationships and I discovered so many new things.. With everything that happened in 2014, I greatly appreciate and will always appreciate your time and support. Thank you for your encouragement and friendship. I hope your 2014 was filled with unforgettable memories, and wish you endless happiness, love, and peace in 2015. I have a lot planned for this new year and I’m excited to share more details in the coming weeks. Love you guys and looking forward to a fantastic 2015 filled with many more laughs, good friends and memorable moments. Thanks for being a part of my life..
Bighugs… Xoxo, JAX


Here are some fun things that are already happening..

One of the projects I’m really looking forward to in 2015 is the return of my Jax Couture Runway Reviews for A.V.A Live Radio. I’ve been working on my reviews for upcoming segments filming in January. This was such a fun show to do, I can’t wait to do it again.


JacquelineJax cover rynse magazineI am quickly learning that I have to keep my eyes open around the internet for my photo’s. Great news. I’m on the cover of Rynse Magazine tonight with Daniel Messemer . A photo taken during my interview with him for next months Behind The Music A Real Rock Story Feature. http://rynsemagazine.com/behind-the-music-with-jacqueline-jax-a-real-rock-story-by-daniel-messemer/

Nashionaly Magazine Jacqueline jax Radio Host Jacqueline Jax Teams Up With Nashville’s Nashionaly Magazine | A.V.A LIVE RADIO




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