Music Heals Our Soul



During one of my interviews tonight on A.V.A Live Radio, I learned about a disorder that I feel many people may sadly suffer in silence from. The disorder is called Dissociative Identity Disorder commonly known as “multiple personality disorder”.  The artists name is Em and her music brand is P’Like. Em was diagnosed with Complex-PTSD several years ago and from our interview I understand the illness to be a constant daily battle. I felt that this brave young woman was doing us all a great service in bringing to life an album that tries to paint a picture of some of the more challenging and dramatic emotions that people with this illness deal with every day. I could tell that Em has found great comfort in opening up about her struggles and I’m very proud to know a person who is so strong to admit something so private so that others may find some peace. 


Em -P’like Project : SoundCloud:

Each track on her album represents not only a distinct personality in the central character’s mind, but also conveys a different emotion – insecurity, fear, sadness, defiance, acceptance, etc. Em goes on to say that “Depression and anxiety make people feel alienated. Sometimes just hearing a song you can relate to can give you the strength to pick yourself back up and keep going.” 

In my life I have had many creative friends who have demonstrated symptoms of illness. Sometimes I would be whisked away by the intense positive energy only to have to help that same friend put the pieces back together by the evenings end. Perhaps this may be a dramatic example or maybe people who have this difficult disorder could tell me stories far worse. In my mind, I’m picturing days or weeks of deep depression. The kind of depression that seems to touch the deepest ground of their soul with no light in sight and no limits to its grasp on their lives.

And then there was music. I’m no expert…. I don’t have the illness so I would never try to say that I could truly relate. At best, I can only sympathize and hope from hearing one lovely friends story that along with knowledge, music has been the best therapy she could ever experience. In my business, I have seen music has save many lives and offer daily inspiration to keep many dreams alive.

Arriving at my point for this story today, I just want you to know that everyone has something that makes them unique. That special something may not always seem ideal, but it can be yours for a reason that you may not see right away. Those of us who are extraordinary are on this earth to learn from their personal challenges and teach others to make their life matter. My friend Em is doing that every day that she creates her music and shares her story with others. I’m celebrating her strength and heroism.

Em and Jacqueline are working on a music project together so be sure to follow us on social media so you won’t miss the behind the scenes photos and daily updates on the journey. Instagram, Twitter, facebook : @JacquelineJax :: twitter: @


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2 thoughts on “Music Heals Our Soul

  1. PTSD and Adjustment Disorders are far more prevalent than depression and bipolar disorder. The problem is that like the article points out “the poor soul, suffers in silence and for all accounts, he/she seems “normal” only deeply inside themselves, they feel the despair, apathy and the lack of hope, forcing themselves to live a complete Empty Life, where days JUST pass by, another difficulty is the attitude of our community of mental health professionals, where the pharmacological approach is favored and little consideration is given to treat the individual like a Whole, v.g. body, mind and soul. Our unconditional support goes to the Brave One’s who choose to fight, to redeem hope, look for help, sing, become productive. All fellow Artist everywhere we should extend our hands in friendship and support of each other, Gens Vna Sinus in the end.. To all those who fight in name of Life, Shalom.


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