After All

OOTD_lace_dress_barley_stationOne of my favorite things about being a radio show host for is that I get to listen to awesome music everyday. My studio is filled with melodies from talented Indie Artists sending in songs from all over the world. Today’s album is called “After All” sent to me from my friends Wayne and Brian of the band “Barley Station”. It’s their 2012 release that I’m excited to listen to, seeing how they evolved is a great way to get to know a band that you really enjoy.
barley station indie music bandI had the pleasure of interviewing them not to long ago about their song “Younger Summer Memories” from their 2013 release Damaged Goods  (listen here and find out more about the band).  The song reached the #1 spot on the A.V.A Live Radio Indie Artist Countdown just recently and is still on the chart now. ( I hope you enjoy their music as much and I do. Let me know what you think about the album. (Email me)
Have a great Sunday! – Jax

OOTD_lace_dressOutfit: Lace dress sold from my collection at (here)

Barley Station
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4 thoughts on “After All

  1. I’ve known these guys, personally and professionally for almost 10 years. They put their heart and soul into the music they produce and never conform to mainstream hype. They have always played the type of music they believed in, and that alone makes them such a great group of guys and totally worth checking out!


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