ASK JAX: Hopes for the Future


Name: Jeff Bernstein

Hi Jax,
Just  wondered what your hopes and aspirations are for AVA Live Radio ? Is there an ultimate goal you would like to achieve ? Thanks – Jeff @



Hi Jeff,

Great to see your visit to my website and email. I also want to thank you for your support and music contributions. Your talent is so inspirational and I can’t wait to hear what your working on. A.V.A Live Radio is an amazing project that I have believed in from its start. Originally it served as a way to share knowledge and resources for indie artists of the American Vocal Academy. We would do shows that focused on offering real time knowledge about developing music and marketing directly from industry professionals, entrepreneurs and guest artists both in the main stream and indie markets. As our reputation grew and listenership expanded over these 4 years, we had wonderful support advisors join our cause such as Alan Levy (CEO Blogtalkradio advisory and advertising to their ever growing 55 million listeners), Matt Munson (Instagrams Insta-canvas advise on viral launches), Barry Gibb (Beegees encouraging the indie artist), Apple (providing Intel,computer training and mechanical support), IK Multimedia ( supplying programs, production training, musician tools, hardware and featured us to their network) .. There have been and continue to be so many incredible people along the way who have stepped up to help the A.V.A and still do every time I reach out. Most important the indie artists who have come on board to share their music and knowledge however big or small it may seem.

As we grew, we started to create a program around the needs of our indie artists members. Things that they needed, we found a way to provide through our multi-media every growing platform. As a result, we have and continue to grow together.
For the future, my vision this year is to fine tune our featured artist program providing the best possible service to our indie artist community, improve the Indie artist Insider membership,  expand our network into a heavier film industry and live venue base and organize our live venues across the U.S. where our indie artist community can perform and tour at a fair rate.

I have also assigned a team to focus on social media this year with the goal of attracting our listeners and music members to our Facebook and Twitter social media pages so that we can see and engage in their daily journey.
As I am very passionate about this community and I adore all of the friendships that I have build through it and continue to meet every day, I’m excited about the future and see great things coming for all of us. Together we have always been a strong, creative and energetic force and the A.V.A is the track that will carry us to where we want to go.

Your friend,
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