ASK JAX: How can I get my music into films and video games?

Nick Vandell

Question: Hi Jacqueline.  How can I get my music into films and video games?  That’s one of my ultimate goals. Nick (Artists Name: Nick Dellacato “Vandell” Website: )

Hi Nick,
That’s a terrific goal. I love it when people know what they are after. Discovering your target is half the battle. The first thing I would do, is select a few pieces of your music that you feel best represent your work. Next create a dedicated page on your website carefully wording the page name and address to target your desired market. You’ll have to make a decision based on your content concerning marketing one page to both industries or creating a dedicated page for each. I recommend focusing on one industry at a time so you can give it your best attention. 

Be sure to create pages that reflect your brand in a clean and uncluttered way. Include your contact information, music samples and a brief description of the service you wish to offer that particular industry professional. 

Try to imagine the avatar of one film industry professional who you would be asking to look at your music and speak directly to them. This will help you get inspired to create an engaging page. 

I would also encourage you to create a demo sampling of music that you would like to pitch to a specific film producer or company to get their attention. Use the most engaging clips and melt them into one short MP3 sound file. You can post that in different ways and embed it into your page. For instance, create a YouTube video with some visuals and title the video targeting that industry. You may also want to place the sampler on your reverbnation and soundcloud account. 

Make everything SEO friendly with a title and tags targeting just that so if a producer was searching they would easily find you. 

Once you have this together, send it us at the A.V.A so we can feature your work targeting that area of our network.

Now it’s time to hit, LinkedIn you’ll want to locate contacts for that industry and directly email each of them a personalized letter including why you think your music would fit their work perfectly. This does require a little home work on your part. When I suggest an artist to a film producer I already know something about the type of films they produce and I know that the artist is a great fit. So filtering out the right people for your work is most important. 

This is Hollywood lunch time, think of yourself walking through a popular restaurant filled with producers. Introduce yourself, exchange information, be sure to join all of their social networks and engage often in support of their work. Typically it may require several attempts to get someone’s attention because it’s not just you they see. But be patient and work on building strong relationships with a few companies rather than mass marketing to hundreds. 

Build up your connections with these companies slowly and make them count. When they are in need, they will remember you if your staying in touch by being engaged and supportive of their work. 

Let me know when your page is created so I can check it out and start sharing it. You have everything it takes to succeed in your goal and I think you are so well matched for both of those industries. Just put in the work and you’ll get there. 

Wishing you great success.
Your friend,

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2 thoughts on “ASK JAX: How can I get my music into films and video games?

  1. This morning I awoke to discover that Jacqueline Jax is following me on Twitter. Out of curiosity I Google her name. Upon reading,” Those who push the boundaries of creativity are the ones who change the world. They don’t follow trends, they set them.” my fascination and admiration grew. Allow me to share my impression Jacqueline, You’re intelligent, authentic and extremely talented! I’m honored.

    Please join me and my musical friends in forming our group for “Playing for Change” It will be one of the most compelling stories you will air on your Radio show! Did I hear you say, “The ones who Change the World?” 🙂

    “All around the World in Rhythm and Rhyme

    Paul @ Starry Knights Music


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