Stop Sabotaging Your Success

Casual_work_lookbook_2Have you ever felt like you pull back when you get huge opportunities? Does too much success too soon leave you feeling weak in the knees? According to the experts this is called hitting your upper limit. I think we have all felt the need to put the breaks on at one time or another but I think the big thing to consider is – Why? Perhaps you are slowing down your progress because you feel your taking on to much. Maybe your fearful of venturing into the unknown.

I’ve always been mindful of the phrase, “There’s nothing harder than being given your chance.”  In fact, when your passionate about your business, career or anything important, it’s easy to put on the blinders and challenge yourself to do everything in your power to succeed not stopping to consider what level of success your ready for. I have advised so many artists on their goals and what I have discovered is that it all comes down to trusting in your inner voice. If you feel that a certain level of success isn’t for you, it’s perfectly fine to take your foot off the gas until your ready for the demands. The key is really in knowing your own limits and making sure that you are making desisions  out of conscious choice rather than emotional reaction.

Of coarse this can’t really be done without a clear mind and healthy body so here are things I like to do to make sure I’m able to handle what’s ahead.

– Eat right and drink lots of water to stay hydrated

– Get plenty of sleep to make sure your batteries are super charged and ready to take on your next challenge.

– Exercise helps you loose that nervous energy, gain good energy, sleep better and relax..

– Take breaks every 40 minutes to reset

Have a great week!
Jacqueline Jax

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2 thoughts on “Stop Sabotaging Your Success

  1. This is a very good subject.

    Once I was in a very good position as far as career and opportunity was concerned. I felt pride in my accomplishments and thought the security would last forever.

    Then I made a decision to move and leave it all behind to help someone and begin again. A little voice inside told me, “No. Don’t do it.”

    So I moved and started over. I didn’t really enjoy the new situation much and gradually my resume went down, down, down until I couldn’t even earn enough to support myself. I gradually recovered but never achieved the success I once had when I was much younger.and the world was my oyster!


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