Living In The Now

“Life Can Be Simple And Easy If We Choose To Live In The Now And Not In The Worries Of Tomorrow” 

I think we can all agree that no matter how much you try to focus on living in the now, life’s little twists and turns can really distract you away from that way of thinking. One small slip of the mind and you may find yourself 20 days into a worry routine filled with personal guilt, drama and discontent.

It’s seems far away from that carefree mind set but life does happen. One of my best remedies for this is to take some time outs for yourself. Little moments to regroup your thoughts and slow down your mind so you can see things more clearly.

At first you may not be able to drop the worries but if you go for a walk, talk to a few people in a new place, even spend an hour doing something that you really love, that’s usually enough to shake it off and get back to that space where your focusing on what you WANT from the day instead of what you DON’T want to happen.

In the end, a friend of mine that I hung out with today, Scott Ventures (Movie Producer, The Move Studio) told me that if we are lucky, we only get 30,000 days in this lifetime to live as we choose. One quarter of those days are spent growing up and the rest are spent putting to good use what we have learned as we walk our journey. So with your remaining days left, do you really want to spend even one more day not enjoying your life?

Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline Jax Scott ventures

Gordon Scott Ventures
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The Movie Studio Florida. hollywood wall The Movie Studio Florida.2 The Movie Studio Florida

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