Say yes now, worry about how later

jacqueline jac be brave nowSay yes now, worry about how later

They say that opportunity doesn’t knock twice. Actually, that’s very true. Most times you are only given a moment to react and move on a big opportunity. If you don’t act quickly and with confidence, you could miss your big break.  Giving into your fears is like falling down a black hole of which there is no end in sight and the darkness just makes it seems scarier than the situation really is.

I think we’ve all experienced that feeling of dread when that to good to be true opportunity comes calling. Perhaps you feel panic, tension, stress and for some even physical sickness. It’s all part of understanding your upper limits and knowing where your personal limits lie.

When I was much younger and Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, I was invited by the Huizenga’s to personally audition for a new pilot that was getting ready to film in Florida with Aaron Spelling. I had never taken acting lessons nor did I want to become an actor but of coarse pathways always open up in life that you don’t anticipate.

Perhaps unexpected changes of direction are more for the adventurous. I have always considered myself a fun loving flexible minded person, however when offered many opportunities such as these I passed.  Being young and inexperienced, my impulse was always to turn down these sweat little excursions and adventures instead of embracing them. My lack of education and experience in the field always shadowed my ability to envision the future. And let’s face it, if you can’t imagine yourself there it will never be possible.

As I got old and wiser, perhaps even a bit more experienced my fear of failure melted away and I accepted directional changes with alot less resistance. I adapted the power of positive thinking into my daily affirmations and discovered that we learn the most from our failure than from our successes.

I believe that the difference for me was life. More experiences, many more years of life educating me and a ton more confidence has taught me that there’s nothing wrong with saying yes and being open to learn from the journey.

You would be surprised how open people are to teaching you what you haven’t yet learned if you just ask. Beside, don’t we learn through everything we do?

In the end, looking back now I learned that the fears you have, probably seem a whole lot worse than they actually are and once you have jumped in, you’ll find that all that you feared really wasn’t as scary as you imagined.

Be brave my warriors!

Jacqueline Jax

** Special thanks to my friend Joseph Swoka for inspiring this post.

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