How to Manage Time With 5 Productivity Tips That Work

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I actually did this one on the new App Periscope as a live streaming however since it only lasts for 24 hours, I wanted to give you the key points on my blog.

1) Start early:
  • I rise at 6 or 7 am and check my email over coffee.
  • If I have a class to take, something creative to write or resourcing podcasts to listen to, I do it all in the A.M. By 7:30 I’m deep in the mix and my brain ready to get the job done. There is something about the A.M and a good nights rest that gives your brain more horsepower to work quick and smart giving me more free time in the afternoons.
2) Create lists and keep a written schedule. I have several lists I keep.
  • Monthly Calender at a glance so I can look ahead and see what I need to prepare for.
  • Daily to do list (daily productivity notes that I updated during my day)
  • Monthly goals list that I revise weekly as I learn more about what needs to be tackled to achieve the goal.
  • 6 month goals
3)  Group your tasks
  • I work smarter when I group similar or repetitive tasks together. For instance, I will schedule all my upcoming artist stories at once to the social pages so the format is clean and my head stays focused.
  • Social media marketing : I like to sit down once a week and pre- schedule basic must have marketing content on one day. I have a posting schedule coming out soon for you to see my workflow in detail.
  • If I’m hiring new staff, I set aside a certain block of time to read all the resumes and respond at once
  • Email twice a day in blocks of time: for me it’s once in the A.M and again in the P.M
  • Tasks like web updates, meetings, affiliate work, group networking all get blocks of time on my schedule to.
4) Prioritize most productive tasks that will lead to achieving my goals
  • Any activity or conversation that’s important to the success of your project should have a time limit set to conduct and achieve. Make an appointment with yourself to get it done when you are fresh and have full brain power. For instance if building a web page and planning the marketing of your next music release will help you to be more successful, then block out time to identify what needs to be done, learn the tasks to do it and then get it done!
5)  Take mental breaks
  • Hit the nap time and get refreshed.
  • Go for a walk, play a game, listen to music, go see a friend, coffee, shop, create diversions to rest your mind. Do anything that’s not related to your work so you will return fresh.

Love your feedback, leave me a comment.

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