Join me on Periscope for a 7 day video challenge 

 Jacqueline Jax Periscope

Hi everyone,

I just started a 7 day Periscope challenge where you can ask me questions via live video stream and see what I do everyday as I show you my workflow and process.
Should be fun!!!

Are you ready to Periscope with me? Grab the app and follow my profile so you won’t miss the live stream… @JacquelineJax I have so much to talk about with you from marketing ideas, things I’m discovering about social media, equipment I’m using for live broadcasts, how I post to my blogs and update my social pages, news on a new website I’m building and who’s helping me to get the job done right…

Link to my first video: (here)



5 thoughts on “Join me on Periscope for a 7 day video challenge 

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