Maximizing Positive Outcomes To Achieve Your Goals

Jacqueline Jax inspiration successYou may not realize that you have the power to increase the positive outcome of everything that you want to do or achieve.

First you must realize that everything that happens does so at the expense of something else. In this line of thinking, I’m sure you will agree that if your doing or pursuing one thing then it’s not possible for you to be doing something else at that very same time.

Many people don’t realize that the power to achieve is in your mind and if your focusing on something else, then your full body, mind and soul can not possibly be working to achieve your goal. This is a huge factor in decreasing your chances of success.

But what if you could increase your chances for success?
The power is actually in your hands.
By maximizing the number of ways that you can succeed you will increase the probability of a positive outcome.

Let me give you an example. If you have always wanted to become a singer but someone once told you that you were not good at it, then you will always fear that the same negative response will happen whenever you try to sing.

In your mind, you will always be thinking that you can’t do it and thus the probability of achieving the goal is decreased. The problem here lies in your subconscious. If you are still focusing on your fear of failure, then you will never be able to move forward.

In order to increase the probability of achieving your goal, you must acknowledge the fear, let go of the negativity and then take the necessary steps to move forward.

In this case, you would take singing lessons to improve your voice. This is just one step that would offer you the ability to move forward and feel more confident. As you continue to improve your knowledge base and abilities, you will begin to see a clearer path to achieving success.

The same principles can be used for anything that you want to achieve. I have broken down the method that I use to achieve all of my dreams and goals into a few simple ideas that I hope will help you move past your mental blocks and fears.

1) Stay Positive: your desires can be turned into realities by cleansing yourself of your fears and not letting your past influence your future. With a positive attitude and the ability to start fresh, you can change your destiny. All thoughts that we have are a combination of interpretations of what has occurred in the past and desires for what we want for our future,

2) Set Your Goals: by having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, you will be able to map out the necessary steps to get there. If you know what you want to achieve but you have not idea how to get there, then you can start searching for information. I like to listen to podcasts, search for information on YouTube and look up articles about people who are thought leaders in the areas that I want to move towards. It’s also smart to align yourself with people who are finding success in a similar or identical field so you can feed off of that good energy and knowledge that they are willing to share.

3) Take Daily Steps: once you have the plan and you know more about the road ahead, start mapping out the steps. This means that every single day you will have to dedicate some amount of time to learning, growing and achieving. For some of you it may be 1 hour a day and others it may be 14 hours a day. This all depends on your and how quickly you want to move forward. Just make sure that the steps are worthy of your time. Each minute is precious and working smart is a key to achievement without burnout.

4) Cover your bets: increase your probability for success by maximizing the number of ways that your goals can take place. improving your knowledge, surrounding yourself with a strong support group, connect with others who are knowledgable In your field are all great ways to improve your odds. For instance if you want to become a singing and you only know 1 person in the business then your odds of success are significantly less than if you have 50 solid contacts and connections to learn from and network with.

Another great example is promotion. If you do not promote your business, then the probability of success is a lot less likely as compared to those who promote their business in multiple ways. When you increase your presence, the probability of success dramatically increases with each avenue of promotion.

For instance many indie artists come to me at A.V.A Live Radio to help them release their latest single because we don’t just talk about them once we create a media spin around them that lasts and gets published in multiple ways such as Radio interview, written interviews, image quotes, playlists, introductions to industry professionals, fans and other indie artists at all different success levels. ( Submit your music to A.V.A Live Radio and join our music community : )

I hope that my examples were helpful in leading you to your success. I would love to see you sharing your business, music or goals with me on Twitter as well. @JacquelineJax

Remember that every thought is an interpretation or desire and our habits determine our future. These patterns determine what will take place in your life. If you want to grow you have to believe that tomorrow will not be the same as yesterday. And limitations are only defined by education and believing in yourself.

Have a wonderful day!
Jacqueline Jax
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