Why you must have a blog on your website for driving traffic

Jacqueline Jax PeriscopeI had a great time today answering an Ask Jax Question on Periscope and since we are on the topic, let me just say that you should really consider adding a voice to your content by using this app. (www.periscope.tv) In fact, I am making a daily attempt to answer your questions on the live stream so you can directly comment additional responses while I’m on the topic if needed. I hope this article is helpful to you. Please leave me a comment below and share it with your friends.


See the Periscope stream live..

Today’s Question:

Bob: Dear Jax, I have been working very hard to build up my facebook page and now I’ve lost traction. Since the changes no one sees my posts and I have a really tough time reaching out to people. I’m still posting daily but the engagement is dramatically less. Frustrated and sad! Please help :0(


Hello Bob.. This is actually a huge problem since the latest changes have been implemented on facebook. I have always said that social media pages are great but you don’t own them so you just can’t rely on them to host all of your followers. Here is my best advise for moving forward from this point on and keeping your subscribers in constant contact with you.

  1. Place a blog page on your website.
    I actually set up all of my blogs through WordPress. There are WordPress hosted blogs and WordPress self-hosted blogs where you pay a small fee to someone like Bluehost for hosting services and build your blog using one the simple wordpress templates. There are so many easy video’s showing you how to do this but I most recommend signing up with my friends at OS Training. They have the best videos and personalized help on all things to do with web site building. I’m actually in their courses weekly to discover what the latest new this is for web building and I especially rely on them for in the moment help.
    Placing blog on your website will allow your readers to come to one space to be entertained by your greatness and also encourage them to subscribe to your blog so you will always be able to stay in touch no matter what happens with social pages. Plus when people visit your website to read a post, it keeps them on your website for an average of 3-8 minutes if it’s great content which not only gives people a reason to return but helps your site become more valid with search engines.
  2. Share:
    Use social sites to share the content from home base..- Facebook: Tells stories with links back to your blog posts.- Twitter: Drives traffic and is user friendly. A great place to locate people who may love your content. Make sure you create at least 15 different posts to share over time about each blog you write.

    – Instagram: Tell your story with pictures and use the clickable link in your bio to direct traffic to your website.

    – Linkedin: Professionally driven space where they love resourceful content.

    – Youtube & Soundcloud Great for hosting free pre-recorded content

    – Periscope: Awesome new app where you can stream live video from your phone or ipad.


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