10 Things Music Artist Do Wrong In Pursuit of Success

Jacqueline Jax Scope Music marketing10 Things Music Artist Do Wrong In Pursuit of Success

If you feel like your not getting the right responses to your music marketing, I’ve created a 10 point check list that may just help you identify what you may be doing wrong. I don’t want you to worry about the mistakes you’ve made. We all make mistakes, that’s part of our journey. The important thing to note is that we learn the most from our mistakes and use what we have learned to become successful. 

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1. Lack of a professional looking and sounding demo cd.

2. Lack of artwork on the demo and/or packaging. Use a service rather than putting out inferior product to industry’s pros and radio stations.

3. No contact info on both the cd and the cover. (If the cd becomes separated from the jacket you can imagine)

4. No Bio sheet or “One” Sheet
always provide a press release as a bio sheet. Find what makes you unique and state that shorter sheet.

5. Lack of professional photos: Unclear, poor lighting, grainy, or stock images.

6. Lack of business cards: Empty pockets. I have a post card and a business card created.

The business card holds your personal name, music brand or band name, contact information, social pages, website and some kind of tag line explaining your brand in 10 words of less.

The post card usually announces something like an event or special announcement. For instance if you just started a YouTube channel or a daily scope and you plan to work that platform regularly and professionally as a brand, you can use one side of the post card to advertise what your doing.

7. Lack of web presence: This is so important and so easy to have. If you don’t have a friend, can’t build one or can not afford to have one created for you then start a reverbnation page and point your domain to it.

Reverbnation allows you to create an awesome free music page on their website where they host all of your critical music brand info free of charge and for a small fee they will turn all that info into a website for you.

Also OS training, teaches you quick and easy ways to build a website on multiple platforms and includes tutorials for all levels plus live chat help. I actually have a page in their website offering you discounted entry at …. More info:  https://www.ostraining.com/landing/ava-live-radio-pro/

One of the websites I have build with OS Training & wordpress. : www.avaliveradio.com

8. Poor response time to emails or returning phone calls. Missed opportunities happen mostly from lack of response and not having things ready to go. No more than 6-8 hours. If you are a big music brand then you should have an agent or management team answering within that time. No excuses.

9. Lack of professional response to those emails and phone calls. Address the person properly. Try your best not to use slang words and spelling mistakes. There are so many tools on your computer and online to check your grammar and spelling. It only takes a couple of minutes or have a friend help you.

10. ALWAYS BE PREPARED TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU’RE GOING TO MEET. Dress for the job you want and the person you want to be. Your appearance makes a statement about who you are. Even lack of style is a style so make sure your style matches your music brand.


Thanks for hanging out with me on the scope today!
I truly wish you great success with your music.. Your so very talented and it’s a real pleasure to have you on my friend list. I hope you’ll take a second to share this with your friends.

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