The true mark of a champion is having the ability to dust off the dirt and conquer your mountain

Jacqueline Jax Periscope JaxScopeThe true mark of a champion is having the ability to dust off the dirt and go back out there an conquer your mountain. For some of us, our mountain will be learning the tools of the trade, or perhaps it’s having the confidence to step out with your message.

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Don’t settle for second best, become the person you are meant to be. You were not given these beautiful gifts to live a mediocre life, you were meant to create big dreams and live an extraordinary life. You have to learn to push through all barriers and walk your true path.

Don’t allow fear to cloud your mind and block your path. You should never focus on what you can not do. Instead change your mind set to acknowledging that these are only things that you need to learn about. Lead with natural curiosity and believe that you can understand it with time and the right tools to do the job.

You must believe in yourself and keep your dream alive no matter how much you are knocked down. People will come and go in your life who try to divert you from your course. They will try to extinguish that fire inside of you but lead with your passion and learn from your mistakes.

There are people out there that actually get offended by people who don’t accept the standard and strive to achieve big things. But people don’t determine your destiny, only you can determine your destiny by your own thoughts and actions.

It’s a shame that often the people closest to you can be the hardest on you and the most jealous. By keeping your dream buried they don’t have to face their own fears and disappointments. Try to help them focus on what’s in their own heart so they will leave you alone to focus on what’s in yours.

Dreamers are full of faith, love and belief. But dreamers are dangerous to the settlers because they set new standards in life.

When you get setbacks and delays that means you are on your way to greatness and if you can just keep going, you will get there.

Even if you have missed some opportunities and lost years due to circumstance and choices, let the negative go and stay in that positive light that tomorrow brings.

You must look past what you don’t know, recognizing what you need to know and find a way to get that information by aligning yourself with qualified and knowledgeable people who walk a similar path or support learning.

One of my favorite people that I have been so blessed to have in my life both as a personal friend and inspiration is Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera. ( . We follow each other on instagram (@shinobay & @JacquelineJax ) and he dedicates his page to sharing love and compassion every morning. Shino truly understand the power of positive energy and how it effects every things around you. When you put out that powerful light, you bring that positive light right back into your life.

I’m going to finish with a quote from his instagram:

“The tiny seed knew that in order to grow it needed to be dropped in the dirt, covered in darkness, and struggle to reach the light.

It will find sand, pebbles, and many organic and inorganic obstacles, but somehow it finds its ways to the surface towards the sun light receiving all the blessings and happiness that the light provides.

Trusting in your soul potential is all that you need to thrive, just like a seed. “

So don’t let anyone tell you, it can’t be done and it’s never to late to begin again!


Jacqueline Jax

– BOOK: Be Youthful by Dr Shino Bay Aguilera on Amazon

2 thoughts on “The true mark of a champion is having the ability to dust off the dirt and conquer your mountain

  1. you are perfectly right ;and I did exactly that when I tried to upgrade from dancing to singing my songs even though I didn’t know how to sing ;I didn’t give up despite the criticism for me to stop;I later became a hero and it was during one of my performances at the Village Underground that the host of “Showtime at the Apollo” selected me uniquely as the only one to come to Apollo and perform;and that is how I wrote my song “I proved them wrong”(;my song is dedicated to President Obama for proving everybody wrong and becoming president of the U.S;it is also dedicated to anyone who proved them wrong against all the odds


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