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Since so many of you have been asking me about ways to get more traffic on facebook, I have been doing alot of research. As you know I have a large network of advisers that I can go to any time for up to date answers to what’s happening out there so I am actively on the job for you.

If you believe in continual education, as I do, then I’m sure you will agree that no matter how much you think that you know there is always more to discover. In addition, the social sphere is an ever changing world and it moved quickly.

On my past Periscope stream, I showed you how to create a cool thumbnail from your music video’s to use on facebook as a lead in to your website where your music video should be embedded.

That’s just one great way to increase your traffic and I have so many more to share with you.

Today I want to introduce you to some of the facebook groups that I work with. Facebook groups function a bit differently from public and private pages.

Members of groups receive notifications by default when any member posts in the group. In addition, group members can participate in chats, upload photos to shared albums, collaborate on group docs and invite members who are friends to group events.

Groups are an accepted place to share your music adds and engage with new people on facebook. If you carefully design your posts, you can really make an impact with your group posts and draw new people back to your public page.

My rule in all of my groups is to request that if you post anything, then be sure to comment on at least 5 other posts so that you can give as much as you receive.

When each of us does this, it draws the group members back into the group to keep it most active and also introduces you to at least 5 or more new members.

Always remember that your kindness and generosity always gets rewarded on facebook so if you give ,then you will get much more back.

We see this with the top performers on facebook. They not only master their own timeline but they have discovered how to use their content to enhance the other members experience in group pages making them much more attractive to follow.

Here’s my latest list that will gain you exposure to more than 100,000 new followers. Take some time to check each one out and click “join” so I can accept you right away.

A.V.A Live Radio Members Group: 1,600
Insider Music members come together to share helpful information and comment on hot topics. You can post music video here and talk about music industry topics of interests. We ask that every time you post, please comment on 5 other posts to improve engagement and attract others to your music page.

Celebrities International:  31,436
Celebrities International is the group that brings together models, authors, fitness competitors, political leaders, editors of magazines, Publishers.

Musicians Facebook Page: 10,275
Post your band to this facebook page and connect with other musicians who are actively promoting their music.

Modern Art Music Movement: 4,165
The Modern Art Music Movement (MAMM) is an International coalition of artists, musicians, filmmakers and professionals using art, music, movies and live, mixed-media events to raise awareness about social issues not normally covered in mainstream media and to introduce new talent using cutting-edge technology.

Independent Music Underground: 10,626
A place for independent artists of all types of music to support each other…without the need for backing from the “Major Label Mafia”.

Free Marketing Group: 75,043
This group will allow anyone to post whats important to them and hopefully others.

Promote Your Product: 3,333
Encourages you to share your personal brand and business products and music.

Makers: 1,952
The Makers are a group comprised of the women and men who are trailblazers in their professions.

Entrepreneurs: 19,210
A newly-launched international e-commerce and classified ads portal initiative, is working towards revolutionizing the existing online ads market by enhancing the e-commerce, information sharing and interactive experience of global site users.

South Florida Business owners networking group: 11,892
This is the networking group you want to join if you are a small business owner or are thinking about starting a business in South Florida.

#ProtectOurFutures: 1,297
Calling all Singer/Songwriters, Musicians, Artists, Photographers, Film Makers, Producers, Publishers, etc. It’s time to stand up for what is rightfully ours: The right to earn a living at our creative trades! Join the movement.

Musicians: 773
This page was created for Musicians to promote their music & Network with each other to grow as a music community.

Worldwide Promo Group: 13,600
A group to promote your work, collab with other artists, receive honest feedback about your music

A.V.A Connect :
Features the artists coming on our show and A.V.A News Announcements to our music members.
Instagram @avaliveradio

I’ll be offering you some awesome tips live on periscope every day to help you use your content more wisely on facebook, so be sure to tune in.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Jacqueline Jax
Host of A.V.A Live Radio

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2 thoughts on “Gain 100,000+ New #Facebook Fans from my Groups and #SocialMedia #Tips🎯🎯

  1. Jax it’s a great pleasure to have connected with you;I have always seen A.V.A Live radio on my site at ReverbNation and now that I took time to get to you know how great you are doing,it feels good


  2. Thanks for the newsletter with great tips and information Jacqueline!
    I’m not in the music industry but I can still apply all of your marketing and business tips to my industry and to my future plans ahead.
    Hope you had a great weekend
    Thank you,


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