Be Yourself Because Everyone Else is Taken

Jaxscope Jacqueline Jax#JaxScope @JacquelineJax 💞 Be Yourself Because Everyone Else is Taken

I actually got this one from my Mom. It’s the best phrase to remember when your trying to decide what you should write on your blog, newsletters and for all those daily timeline social posts.

Being yourself is really important because it not only makes your brand more powerful, it takes the guess work out of creating content. When I’m branding clients, I always start by finding out what interests them in life because that’s a great place to start when shaping out a brand.

People love to do business with people not things so you must look at the Brand that your building as an extension of you. If people don’t know who’s making the product or behind the shopping cart then they simply can’t connect and if they don’t connect, they just won’t buy.

It’s your own unique qualities that make your brand stand out from similar concepts. For instance, there are lots of podcasts out there but every person broadcasting will attract their own listener just by the way they speak, appear in images and also by the way they express themselves.

All the content that you post on your social media pages, website and blog make up your brand. Each one of those pieces attribute to your brands character just as they reveal insights into your own character.

Jacqueline Jax periscopeKeep that in mind when you publish any kind of content. But most of all… BE YOURSELF..

Thanks for joining me on Periscope tonight.

Jacqueline Jax

P.S:  We broke 50,000 hearts tonight.. ;0)

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