#JaxScope Personality Captures Hearts

Jaxscope Jacqueline JaxToday on my show I was speaking with Joffel from the Joffel Project about music marketing and he brought up a great question. How do I market my music on social media without feeling like a bug??

I have some great answers for you on tonight’s Jax Scope Come find me on Periscope and join the live stream now.

Jacqueline Jax
Host of www.AvALiveRadio.com

Watch the scope: Here

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  1. Consistency: Instead of shying away from posting too much, think of 15 different ways that you can share each product you have this month over several social media pages.. Quote image, several screen shots of your videos, or a quick Instagram tour of your creative space.
  2. Be Creative with your call to action: You can easily avoid feeling like a pest who’s advertising the same old ‘Call to Action’ every time you have something you want people to look at with something I like to call “personal reflection”. It’s similar to that time when you saw a funny video and shared it with your friends along with a personal comment of why you thought it was so funny or why you felt that it was important and relevant.
  3. Let your Personality Capture The Hearts of your readers: It’s all in what you say and share with your audience. If you word your social posts more carefully, you can dramatically improve your engagement rate on your social pages. Picture yourself speaking to a friend. Get a bit more wordy and share some personal insights. The big idea is to let your social pages reflect your personality.

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