Periscope Tips To Give and Get More Hearts, followers and Improve Retention Levels

jaxscope periscope tipsPeriscope Tips To Give and Get More Hearts, more followers and ways to capture your audience for a higher retention rate. Best time to scope, recommended length and quantity of scopes.

1. What do the hearts mean? Heart are a way to show your appreciation & encouragement for the broadcaster. They give credibility by validating the content and offering a response in agreement. It provides us with a more connected feeling.  Heart Colors: The hearts will always match the color filter over your photo. But every time you leave the broadcast and come back

2. 500 hearts Max: You can only give 500 hearts per time within a broadcast. You must (X out) leave the broadcast and come back in to give the broadcaster another 500 hearts.
Locked out: You can still give a broadcaster herts even if your locked out of commenting. If you want to leave them a message then definitely tweet the broadcaster directly by sharing the broadcast to twitter, erasing the tweet except for the @JacquelineJax and then type in your message.

3. Length of broadcast: Depending on your topics and content goal, the best length for any broadcast is around 20-30 minutes but if the content is engaging or your having fun, make them as long as you like. Typically the longer the broadcast, the more hearts that will accumulate.

4. Broadcast more often: if your goal is to provide great content but you also want to accumulate followers, scope more often. 

Typically the scopers with the largest following have been doing this consistently and more often. It makes sense that the more time you spend on periscope, the more people will see you and want to follow you content.

5. Best times to broadcast on periscope to a global audience: If you are scoping in English you will certainly have a wider audience not only in the US but also the UK and Australia :

  • 9am-10am et / 6am available for replay in central / 2pm in the UK / 9pm Philippines

  • 5pm -6pm et/ 2pm central / 10pm UK / 6 pm Brisbane Australia/ 6pm Brazil/ 5am Philippines

  • 8-10pm et/ 5pm central United States / 1am UK/ 10pm Australia/ 8am Philippines

6. To find out time zones just yahoo or google reach “Time in … “ and it will show you the time in that area of the world right now, do the math and you can easily work out the rest.

7. Offer incentives: you don’t have to buy hearts, just offer great content and be yourself. Mostly hearts will come if you remind your viewers and offer incentives.

8. Encourage tweet shares and tell people to send you a question or comment on twitter for later.
 Also remind the replay audience that they can reach you directly thru twitter.

9. What is a good viewer rate? The retention rate has to do with the length of time the viewers have stayed in your broadcast. Right now the retention rate hasn’t been working correctly so don’t be upset if it says 0% right now. The best thing to do is focus on your niche and cater to your audience.

10. Finally, stay authentic in what ever you do and don’t forget to share the broadcast and upcoming content with your audience to encourage them to follow your future scopes.

Watch the replay :

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