Racing Against Time


I often catch myself measuring time like it defines my accomplishments.  I often write down lists of things that must be done by a certain time, not by necessity but by guilt or duty. When your building a business it’s easy to feel pressed by this little voice in your head telling you that you didn’t get enough done today or pushing you to keep going even when your exhausted and reached your limit.

Have you ever stopped to think about how you measure your success and then compare that to your over-all goals? If you’re always feeling like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it in, then your definitely doing what I did.

Give yourself a break. I’m telling you from experience, you have got to go with the flow because your not always going to be able to have exceptionally productive days. And some days you WILL get more accomplished than expected.

When I learned to let go, that is when I felt so much calmer. As a result, I was so much more productive. I added in two workouts each day, breaks for lunch, tea, walks with my dog, time with friends. Lots of me time. I was free to live each day with a new energy and enthusiasm for the adventure.

The pressure melted away and I was left celebrating successes and enjoying each day as I worked on things that were important to me. Yes, I used to feel like I was in a race against time but now I realize that I was only competing with myself.  And I can be a tough boss.



6 thoughts on “Racing Against Time

  1. Such a wonderful contemplation…The beautiful realization that the only competition is Oneself. Woof Woof Meow Just a few words of support, would like to see more of YOUR Singing… YEAH YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL VOICE..AHUUUUUUUUU…Also The Fire that Consumes the INDI ARTISTS keep asking for More.. Bottom line.. It is such a pleasure to hear Your Signing. Ahuuuuuuuuu. Sing it out girl. Gua Gua Guau


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