Allow Yourself Time To Be Bored!

jacqueline jax jaxscope beach inspirationDo you ever allow yourself time to be bored! Sometimes you just have to take time out to let yourself be bored. Instead of “Human Beings” we have become “Busy Beings” to busy working, txting, cleaning, and moving quickly from one thing to the next that we have forgotten what it feels like to just stop and feel bored.

Sure the first moment of being bored makes you feel anxious with that little voice in your head alerting you to all those things you think you should be doing but once you give yourself permission to chill you’ll find those small piece of quiet time all yours and so enjoyable.

It’s not that you will become lazy by taking these little moments for yourself, its just learning how to be human again.

Learning how to relax your mind and lower those levels of panic and anxiety is very important.

After all, it is in our simplest thoughts where we find the most inspiration.

Happy Sunday!


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8 thoughts on “Allow Yourself Time To Be Bored!

  1. Set aside some time to be bored. What a great and timely article!

    Most of us are too busy, always frantic and stressed with the many things we think we have to do. Like chickens with their heads cut off, very North American.

    This kind of stress is harmful to our health. Neurotic speed and stress contribute to anger and other negative emotions. Hot-tempered impatience causes social communication problems which lead to harmful activities.

    Being bored is a good thing, like meditation.


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