You Can Choose To Be Happy

Jacqueline jax life april 2016 blogYou have a choice each and every single day to be happy or miserable. Some days its easier than others because your excited about the promise of the day or you’ve had some awesome news. Other days you may need to master the art of extracting happiness from common things like enjoying a great cup of coffee, under a palm tree with 650 of your favorite indie artists hanging out with you on ‪periscope. LoL.. That’s a fun way to spend 40 minutes on a Saturday…. JAX

Daily Live Streams:

Don’t forget about our Daily Live Streaming Video challenge for April: Every time you create a video or live stream on any social media platform in April, use the hashtag #LIVESTREAMING2016 so we can follow you. It’s going to be a really fun April!

2 thoughts on “You Can Choose To Be Happy

  1. There are so many things that can interfere with our happiness,especially in our relationships with others. Choosing to be happy can be so hard to do sometimes, but for you Jacqueline ….”I Wish You Happiness”…… ! and thanx….

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